Communication Updates
Posted on Jul 8th, 2019

We hope everyone had a wonderful & safe 4th of July!
Here are some things to be aware of in the future!
  • In the Kingston Community, we have a Spring Garage Sale in May and a Fall Garage Sale in October. Hopefully everyone who participated in the past Spring Garage Sale had a great turnout and the Fall Garage Sale date will be posted on the website shortly.
  • The Kingston Annual Meeting was held in November of last year, and it will remain around that time frame for this year. If you're wanting to be on the Board of Directors for the year of 2020, or would like to vote for the Board, please participate by either coming to the meeting or giving your filled out proxy to a neighbor who is attending.
  • The pool is a lot of fun, but, as they say, time flies. Keep in mind the Kingston Pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, which is September 2nd. Pool hours will remain from 9a-10p throughout the pool season!
The next Board of Directors Meeting will be held on July 9th, 2019 at Tanners on 143rd.
Thank you for keeping our neighborhood the best place to live!
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